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If you’re looking to score a used Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale in Orlando, FL, you’re in luck! Greenway Hyundai Orlando is thrilled to make this model available to our guests, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about taking one home in the information that follows. Be sure to check out our entire used vehicle inventory to see everything we have to offer, or scroll below if lightning has already struck.

You’ll Love a Used Hyundai Santa-Cruz for Sale

We know what you’re thinking. It’s 2022. How on earth can the new Santa Cruz be sold as a used vehicle? That’s precisely where our service & sales department come into play. Here are some reasons we know you’ll love driving a used Santa Cruz for sale and how we can even make this possible.

You Don’t Need Luck To Buy A Used Santa Cruz Truck

All you need is the team at Greenway Hyundai Orlando to make it happen. How do we do this? Our sales team allows the service department to use select examples of the Santa Cruz as courtesy vehicles. In other words, when a customer comes in for service with their current vehicle, they get to take home a Santa Cruz while their car is being worked on. Our courtesy vehicle fleet usually has bout 6000 miles on them or less before being stamped as a used Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale.

What About A Warranty With My Used Hyundai Santa Cruz For Sale?

Great question! When you buy a used Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale from us, you’ll enjoy the balance of its new car warranty starting from the original in-service date. The in-service date (or ISD) is when the warranty clock starts ticking after the service department makes it road-bound with a customer. That said, you’re still entitled to all the additional products and services available with new car purchases. So if you’d like to have things like wheel & tire protection, appearance protection, extended service contracts (and many others), you can roll those products into your monthly payment at signing.

What’s The Difference Between A New & Used Hyundai Santa Cruz For Sale?

Pound for pound, there won’t be much of a difference. Sure, the vehicle will technically be sold as a used vehicle, but used by whom? Us! This means they’ve been well looked after, and any used Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale will be from the current (and inaugural) model year. You’ll benefit from flexible savings and service possibilities from our vast network of Greenway Automotive retailers up and down the east coast of the US.

Why Buy a Used Santa Cruz from Hyundai?

Let’s be real for a second. You should buy one of these incredible vehicles to be the first person in your circle to get one. If you’ve been looking around, you’ll notice that more and more of them are showing up on the road (and off of it!), turning heads wherever they appear. They are the perfect vehicle for Florida. Be sure to explore our inventory of used cars under $12,000 for an additional vehicle to drive if you’re wanting to keep miles off your prized possession.

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