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Hyundai Oil Change Service

When in need of a Hyundai oil change service, at a service center you can trust, we’re here for you. Your satisfaction comes first at our dealership. With our fair prices, prompt response times, and top-of-the-line care from our certified technicians, that’s what you get every time. You can get a complimentary multi-point inspection, too; contact us to set up an appointment today.

The Importance of a Regular Hyundai Oil Change Service

A Hyundai oil service is necessary to have performed at frequent intervals, but why? Countless parts are in constant operation and absolutely must work in harmony with each other. That motion can create friction, which in turn creates heat. A gas engine is already a hot place, and that friction can cause everything from a loss of efficiency to a severe failure.

The oil combats that friction and keeps things smooth. That’s why you can look at the Hyundai oil change cost as an investment toward vehicle health. Over time, though, oil can lose its effectiveness as a result of chemical breakdown.

When Will I Need a Hyundai Oil Change Service?

The answer varies depending on factors like driving habits, vehicle model, and more. Your owner’s manual will contain the specific interval, but our certified Hyundai service center will also give you one to follow. The interval is typically around 7,500 to 10,000 miles, but oil can become compromised over time. That’s why it’s recommended to get an oil change every six months, regardless of mileage.

An oil change may be needed earlier with conditions like:

  • Frequent short distance trips
  • Dusty or salted roads
  • Frequent driving through rush hour traffic in Orlando, FL (or beyond)
  • Rough terrain
  • Extreme humidity or cold weather

Even before the Hyundai oil change service interval is hit, look for these oil-change warning signs:

  • The oil change light has come on (when equipped).
  • The engine sounds different or louder than usual.
  • The engine produces a burning smell.
  • The oil dipstick has a dark-brown-ish color rather than clear amber.

Not Every Hyundai Oil Change Service Is Equal

Our Hyundai oil change hours are the same from Monday to Friday, but the oil we use from vehicle-to-vehicle is not. That’s because every engine has a specific viscosity of oil that must be used. Our technicians know the right one right away, but there’s also the matter of conventional vs. synthetic oil. Synthetic is the manufacturer-recommended type, and the reasons for this include:

  • Longer oil-change intervals
  • Better resistance against high temperatures
  • More efficient flow in cold temperatures
  • Stronger resistance to chemical breakdown
  • The ability to increase fuel efficiency

Like using the manufacturer-recommended part for a Hyundai battery service, synthetic oil often gives the best performance and most confidence in your ride. Ask our service team for more details.

Schedule Your Hyundai Oil Change Service Today

A properly timed oil change is an effective way to show your vehicle the love it deserves. And our dealership will treat you to the convenience, fair prices, and friendly customer service you deserve, whether it’s in our service center or our Hyundai OEM parts department. So stop by today, and keep your Hyundai vehicle running smoothly with an oil change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hyundai charge for an oil change?

The cost of a Hyundai dealership oil change will vary depending on the type of oil used, model of vehicle, model year, where you have it performed, discounts like available coupons, and other factors. With that said, a Hyundai oil change with synthetic oil will cost approximately $70 to $130, depending on the vehicle. At Greenway Hyundai Orlando, you can save on your next oil change service by using one of our specials.

Does Hyundai recommend synthetic oil?

Yes. Synthetic oil is the manufacturer-recommended type for a Hyundai oil change service, and new Hyundai vehicles typically arrive at our dealership filled with synthetic oil from the factory. The many reasons for this include better temperature resistance, a longer interval for your next oil change, the potential to improve fuel efficiency, improved resistance to inevitable chemical breakdown, and more.

How often does Hyundai recommend oil changes?

The specific interval recommended for a Hyundai oil change service will vary depending on the vehicle, type of oil used, driving conditions, and other factors. Your owner’s manual will have a specific estimate for your vehicle, but typically, a Hyundai oil change is recommended at around 7,500 to 10,000 miles, or every six months to avoid compromised oil.

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