Hyundai Tire Service In Orlando, FL

If you are shopping for new summer tires for sale or need to book a tire rotation for your Hyundai Santa Fe lease deal, contact the Hyundai tire center at our Hyundai dealership in Orlando, FL. Our service department and tire shop stocks a wide selection of new Hyundai tires for sale in many sizes and styles.

When you need off-road SUV tires for your Hyundai Palisade or all-season touring tires for your Hyundai Elantra sedan, you’ll find plenty of quality options among our Hyundai tire specials. If you aren’t sure what tires are best for your Hyundai or how to find your car’s tire size, the team in our tire shop is here to help.

We can listen to your needs and recommend the Hyundai tire replacement options to give you the ride quality, performance, and durability you need for your commute..

Hyundai Tire Pressure

Maintaining the tire pressure on your car’s tires is one of the most important and easiest automotive maintenance tasks you can do yourself. As drivers, we don’t tend to think about the air in our tires, but oxygen is a gas, and it will escape a rubber tire as it heats and expands over time.

Underinflated tires will cause a lack of handling performance, acceleration, stopping ability, and reduce fuel economy. Just think back to riding your bike as a kid. Do you remember how much easier it was to peddle your bike after adding air to the tires?

The same principle applies to your car. The engine in your vehicle has to work that much harder when the tires are underinflated, which reduces MPGs and acceleration capability.

When the tire pressure drops in your Hyundai tires, the structural integrity of the tire walls is diminished, and your car won’t handle or stop as well. This is a serious safety concern that is easy to avoid by checking the tire pressure on your vehicle.

If you drive a new Hyundai lease special, the vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system that will alert you if one or more tires drop below the recommended tire pressure.

Should this happen, a dashboard warning light will appear to alert you that one or more tires are low on air. Adding air to the tires will generally turn off the tire pressure warning light. If the TPMS light does not turn off, schedule an appointment with our dealership for a tire pressure warning light reset.

Hyundai Tire Warranty

The Hyundai service department and tire center at our dealership in Orlando, FL, is here to help you keep your vehicle running at its best. Regular maintenance and consistent oil changes are essential to getting the most miles out of your car, which is why the Hyundai Complimentary Maintenance covers factory scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first) of your ownership.

When you call our Hyundai auto repair shop and Hyundai parts department, we can schedule your Hyundai tire service over the phone if your car’s tires are showing uneven tread wear or no longer pass “The Penny Test.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hyundai Roadside Assistance cover flat tires?

Yes, when you buy or lease a new Hyundai from our dealership, your purchase is backed by America’s best warranty to make your ownership as worry-free as possible. This warranty includes a 10-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, a 5-Year/60,000-Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and 5-Years/Unlimited Miles of 24-Hour Roadside Assistance that provides flat tire repair.

Does Hyundai warranty cover tires?

The Hyundai Complimentary Maintenance includes tire rotations as part of your Hyundai tire warranty as well as a 24/7 Roadside Assistance program with free flat tire repair and towing. If you’d like to know more about the engine oil changes, oil filter changes, or multi-point inspections that also come with this free Hyundai maintenance program, don’t hesitate to contact our dealership.

Does Hyundai replace tires?

When you purchase new tires from our official Hyundai Tire Center and have them installed by our factory-trained technicians, the tires are protected by a two-year road hazard coverage policy. Contact our service department to learn more about your Hyundai Warranty, 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan, and what’s included in the Hyundai 10-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.

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