How To Know If You Need To Service Your Brakes

When you press on your brake pedal, a highly complex system goes into motion to bring your car to a stop. That’s why it is so important to have trained technicians, with the right tools and parts, to take care of your vehicle.

How do you know if you need your brakes serviced?

  • You hear an abnormal sound when brakes are applied
  • Your car “pulls” to one side when braking
  • Your brake pedal feels softer or firmer than usual
  • Your brake pedal travels farther down than usual
  • Your brake pedal “sinks” or goes all the way to the floor
  • Your brake fluid in the reservoir looks dark brown instead of amber-colored
  • Your steering wheel or brake pedal shakes or vibrates when applying the brake
  • Your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning lights come on

Servicing your brakes is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. But for many owners, maintaining a vehicle’s brakes is often overlooked. Keeping your brakes in good working order can also help prevent costly repairs down the road. Book a brake inspection today at Greenway Hyundai Orlando.

What Can a Hyundai Brake Service Involve?

Many drivers are familiar with the idea of replacing Hyundai brake pads during brake service. But that’s only one aspect of brake service. When you bring your vehicle in for a service, our service advisors can sit down with you and go over everything required for your specific service needs. At-a-glance, here are some brake services we provide and the reasons why they’re essential:

Hyundai brake pad replacement

Brake pads are vital to your braking system and are a common aspect of Hyundai brake service. The pads’ function involves generating friction, which naturally wears them down. As a result of regular operation, they will typically need to be replaced after 30,000 to 70,000 miles of driving.

Hyundai brake rotor replacement

Your brake pads generate friction by pressing against a spinning disc called the brake rotor. The brake rotors are mounted to your vehicle’s axles. The friction your brake pads generate slows the wheels down, and this slows down your car. Brake rotors naturally wear down over time, just like pads, and are a regular part of any Hyundai brake service to keep your brakes working at their best.

Hyundai brake light replacement

As every driver knows, your Hyundai brake lights turn on when you press the brake pedal to signal that you’re slowing down. Like a light bulb in your home, it can burn out over time. Burnt-out brake lights are dangerous to drive with, as other drivers won’t know that you’re slowing down.

Hyundai brake pedal stopper replacement

When you press the brake pedal, what keeps your brake pads from being pressed down too far down? The brake pedal stopper. It can wear down naturally over time and lead to problems such as brake lights that won’t turn off. It can also cause a safety override and loss of traction control functionality. In either case, our Hyundai dealership can help keep it all functioning smoothly.

Hyundai brake fluid flush

Your Hyundai brakes operate using hydraulic fluid. This fluid is known as the brake fluid, and over time, it will need to be replaced with fresh fluid. A brake fluid replacement is vital to a healthy braking system and is typically required every two years.

Find Total Hyundai Brake Service in Orlando, FL

From Hyundai brake caliper repair to Hyundai brake pad replacement, our service center is the answer to all your Hyundai brake service needs. Book an inspection or service today, and we’ll help keep your vehicle’s stopping power strong while the miles of enjoyable driving keep rolling on.

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