Benefits of Servicing your Vehicle at a dealership

You love driving your Hyundai, so it’s no surprise you want to keep it in fantastic shape. When the time comes for regularly scheduled maintenance or even a major repair, you have a choice to make. You could take your vehicle to a local repair shop or have it serviced by the dealership where the vehicle was purchased. The former has its pros and cons, but a dealership offers several benefits you won’t find at a privately owned or franchised shop.

More Bays for Faster Work

Smaller independent repair shops can only accommodate a few vehicles at a time, resulting in backups that could last for days or even weeks. When you rely heavily on your vehicle, you can’t afford to wait around for the next available opening.

Compare and contrast that experience with a typical dealership’s service department. You’ll find a large, state-of-the-art facility with plenty of service bays available for prompt maintenance and repair. More service bays means less time spent waiting for a technician to service your vehicle, which means less time spent without the vehicle you depend on.

Techs Who Know Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Whereas independent repair shops service a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, your dealership’s service department specializes in only the vehicles sold on the dealer lot. You’ll also have experienced technicians with a wealth of knowledge and factory training in repairing your specific make and model.

Genuine OE Parts and Accessories

In order to keep costs reasonable, most privately owned repair shops use aftermarket parts in place of original equipment or OE components. Unlike OE parts, the overall quality of aftermarket parts can vary widely among manufacturers and sometimes even among specific batches. While most aftermarket parts meet or exceed OE standards, that’s not the case for every single aftermarket part.

If you want to be confident about what goes in your vehicle, OE parts are the only way to go. Dealerships offer only OE parts for vehicle repairs, ensuring that your vehicle performs to factory standards. Using OE parts also ensures that you won’t void your warranty coverage due to using non-OE components.

Plenty of Perks and Amenities

Need to get back to work or home after dropping off your vehicle? Most dealerships offer a convenient shuttle service, as well as rental cars for repairs that may take longer to complete. Both are perks that most independent repair shops aren’t likely to offer. Dealership service centers also offer extended hours for early or late drop-offs, as well as service on Saturdays. These perks give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to bringing your vehicle in for service.

Warranty Advantages

A dealership is also the best place to be if you plan on having any warranty work done on your vehicle. As long as your vehicle is covered under its manufacturer warranty or extended warranty, the service department will honor the warranty and take care of the repairs, free of charge. If you take your vehicle anywhere else, then chances are you’ll pay a deductible for any warranty repairs or even pay out-of-pocket for labor.

The dealership will also have the right parts on hand to complete any warranty work. If those parts aren’t available, the dealership can easily use its parts network to quickly and economically find the parts needed to make repairs. It may take longer and cost much more for a privately owned repair shop to order those same parts.

You’ll Know What to Expect

Shopping around for the best deals at local repair shops may save you a little money, but you could run into a number of issues. Some shops may offer inaccurate diagnoses, conflicting recommendations, and timeframes that wildly differ from shop to shop. In the end, the money saved may not be worth the time wasted and the uncertainty about the quality of repair to expect.

With the dealership, you’ll get a consistent, straightforward experience that ultimately saves you both time and money. You’ll have a knowledgeable and well-trained team ready to treat your vehicle with the care and attention it merits.

These advantages are what sets dealerships apart from the average privately owned repair shop.