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Orlando Hyundai Car Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Orlando Hyundai knows that getting approved for a car loan can be confusing and stressful. We also know you've got questions about your finance process, so let us help you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about getting a new or used car loan. If you have additional questions, just reach out to our helpful Hyundai finance department and they'll help you understand everything you need to know.

Q: Do you work with car buyers that have bad credit?

A: Absolutely. You have found the right dealership if you currently have bruised credit.  We have over 30 lenders that understand and are ready to interview you to hear your story. 

Q: What is the lowest rate available on a new or used car loan?

A: Orlando Hyundai has rate as low as 0% with approved credit on select vehicles.  Call Orlando Hyundai to schedule an appointment at 877-256-3228.

Q: Can I finance a car with no credit?

A: You can definitely finance a car with no credit. Lenders are available and willing to extend the loan. We'll just need to get some info from you to help based on your situation. 

Q: Do you have a first time buyer program?

A: Orlando Hyundai has a first time buyer program that is available with more than one lender. Come in for your interview so we can finalize your first car loan. 

Q: Can I buy a car with a previous bankruptcy? 

A: Orlando Hyundai understands that bankruptcies do happen. We have lenders that understand and that can help. Call to schedule an appointment today. Our number is 877-256-3228.

Q: Do you accept out of state cosigners for a car loan?

A: Yes. We have lenders that will accept a cosigner that is out of state. Submit your application today and get started.

Q:  Can I finance a car without having a social security number?

A: Most definitely! We have lenders that will accept work visas, green cards, and work only social security numbers. If there is a way to put a loan together, Orlando Hyundai is the place. Come see us today at 4110 West Colonial Drive. Orlando Fl 32754.