find out how much your trade-in vehicle is worth with black book

Trading in your used car is another very confusing activity in the car business, however it doesn't have to be that way. Orlando Hyundai can help you understand this process more. Check out these answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about trading in your used car. Have more questions? Reach out to us and we'll make sure you get the answers needed.

Q: How do you determine what my trade-in vehicle is worth?

A: Our state-of-the-art software performs a market analysis that surveys a 250 mile radius to determine wholesale and retail values which normally is 10% above Kelly blue book. 

Q: Can I trade in a car that has been in an accident?

A: Absolutely. Orlando Hyundai understands that accidents happen. Let us appraise your vehicle and work out a deal that will make sense for both you and Orlando Hyundai. We're always looking for cars to buy and just because it's been in an accident doesn't necessarily mean that we don't want to buy it.

Q: Can you help me if I owe more than what my trade is worth?

A: Yes we can. You've probably heard the term being "upside-down" - this is what is being referred to when this happens. With rebates and over allowances that we give to acquire pre-owned vehicles into our inventory, Orlando Hyundai is confident that we can help you. Don't let your concerns stop you from coming in. Come see the finance team at Orlando Hyundai to figure out the best way to help you in this situation.

Q: What websites can I look at to get an idea of what my trade is worth before coming in? 

A: There are many websites that you can review to see a range of what your trade may be worth. You can review the following sites as a guide:,,, and